Syndoz is a research company providing services in customs organic synthesis for key molecules in Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology research with strict confidentiality, exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

We use every opportunity to incorporate green chemistry in our synthetic approaches.

We supply stable isotopic labelled compounds (SILC), analytical reference standards, drug impurities, Glucuronides and other metabolites for drug discovery, Bioorganic, Agricultural and environment research.

We have a dedicated team of Ph.D. synthetic chemists and offer both compound based custom synthesis projects and FTE (Full Time Equivalent) based organic synthesis services. We also have a pool of advanced intermediates and building blocks to fast forward your research.

Syndoz have strong expertise in synthetic organic chemistry including innovative methodology development, process chemistry, cost-effective and eco-friendly ‘green’ process for many complex and challenging API’s and drug discovery products. The Company is driven by highly experienced and aspiring Scientists.

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